Yearly Charity Yard Sale!

For several years, myself and my fuck buddy have had a charity yard sale to help with our local animal rescue team and have been helping them for many years. All of the funds, big or little would help with the cost of any type of veterinary service that is needed. Everyone knows that the cost of cat or dog care can add up and be very costly to maintain their well needed health.

The yard sale will help the team to no only provide healthcare but to also advertise to foster the animals to a needed caring home. Last year we did provide over $1000 and are definitely pushing for higher expectations this year! These life-saving efforts make us feel proud and give us a sense of accomplishment to get a pet that is young or old to a great home. Our big mission is to get homeless animals the love and affection that they deserve!

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The Distant Husband

Over the last 6 months I have noticed that my husband has been pretty isolated and short spoken with me. I come home from work, we have dinner and then it is right to his computer in the other room. He had told me that he is very overwhelmed with all of the work that his boss keeps dropping on him and hopefully that it would only be for a short period of time.

I thought I would be nice and make him some coffee to keep him going because it was late. Just then I had noticed that he was online watching adult webcams and was very offended because he is supposed to be working. He told me that he has been a member of an adult website for a year and that he would cancel his account. I told him that I was fine with it but he should really get his work done!

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Internet Marketing 101

New to the aspect of marketing via the Internet well then this blog is to help build a understanding on how to use Internet Marketing to build a stronger presence for the business on the internet. First it is important to understand the different types of marketing available such as Pay per Click versus set flat rates to be displayed on a website. Pay per click is a very good tool as this type will make sure that the business is only put in relevant places to attract customers. When paying a flat rate advertisement then it is crucial that escort SEO words are added to the advertisement to catch customers because now the business is responsible for finding the key places to get the most out of their advertisement money. Which ever way that is decided upon both can be a great benefit to getting a business much needed customers.

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Take Me Back

I am not looking forward to this week at work. Some new guy that used to work for Mansfield escort agency is starting and I am the one to train him. For some reason I do not view a man as a man if he has done that type of job. Dating to me is not worthy of a paycheck. It is beyond ridiculous in my book. I know I shouldn’t put down men for it and not women, but men are supposed to be strong and masculine, not soft and social. Women on the other hand are supposed to be that way. They are delicate and there for have rights to acting exactly that way. Maybe one day we will all go back to the old days where men were the sole providers and worked using their hands.

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The Digital Canvas

Jeff sat at the counter, furiously typing away at his computer. He was fast at work, once again producing another escort web design masterpiece. He had been working for a new client, who sold artistic paintings per request to the highest bidder. Neatly organized columns and rows of miniature images, the client had already painted, decorated the screen. In an odd way, Jeff also thought of himself as an artist. He had always thought of attending art school, but he always felt a little awkward doing arts, crafts, and paintings of his own. His canvas was the digital realm, loading pictures and content on websites for other professionals and their established business’s. Although his work generally never made it into an upscale gallery, his clients were nevertheless always prepared to give him high-praise for the work he did on their behalf. Word around the office was that Jeff got paid more than anyone on the web services staff. But, no one knew for certain, since Jeff was very careful not to flaunt the wealth he had earned.

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